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 Jinnifer Scotts

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Melinda Halliwell

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Jinnifer Scotts   Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:36 pm

Not much is known of Jen’s life before she became a ranger. When we meet her, she’s bright-eyed and ambitious at twenty, with a ready smile but determined spirit. She’s enamored with her boyfriend Alex, and it seems as if all her dreams are coming true when he proposes to her and she accepts.

But all her dreams shatter around her when Alex is killed by Ransik, dying in Jen’s arms. From then on, she becomes someone else, cold, disciplined, and ruthless in her quest for vengeance. She takes the others back in time on Alex’s order, placing herself in charge of the mission, which she carries out with little enthusiasm but much dedication.

When Wes joins the team, Jen isn’t at first thrilled but warms up quickly and slowly he shows her that there’s still something to live for other than revenge. Throughout their time in the past, their feelings for each other grow, and they almost have something going on. But pride, stubbornness and circumstance, perhaps even some fear, keep them from being together.

After months of thinking Alex is dead, he returns suddenly and takes over the mission. Jen is ecstatic at first, but soon it becomes clear that something is wrong. Alex has changed, and Jen even more. By the time he leaves and returns to the future, Jen knows it is now Wes who holds her heart.

The final battle approaches, and when Alex warns them that they’ll all die during it, Wes forces them to return to the future and safety. They take off before she can tell him how she feels. Once in the future Jen asks about Wes, and Alex tells them he didn’t make it. She decides to go back, and breaks up with Alex, returning with the others to fight alongside Wes.

Jen is the one to take down Ransik, which is a satisfying ending to their long fight. Battered and bruised, they go to the beach and say their goodbyes. Jen leaves, but runs back and tells Wes that she loves him, one of the greatest scenes ever. Then she returns to the future, leaving him behind.

. . . However . . .

She comes back for the Wild Force team-up, with a shocking decision. Believed dead by Time Force, she remains in the past, choosing as Wes did to make her own destiny.
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