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 Wesley Collins

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Melinda Halliwell

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Wesley Collins   Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:36 pm

When we first meet Wes, he is a spoiled rich boy, 20 years old, a bit selfish and very naive. He's been sheltered from the real world all his life, and therefore knows and cares little about it. He's the son of millionare Alan Collins, and has always had everything he could ever want.

The four Time Force officers try to get him to activate the red morpher so they can all be used, but he refuses, saying they're nuts. Eventually he changes his mind and comes to Jen's rescue. He becomes the red ranger and has a thoroughly good time doing it. Although Jen takes the morpher away after the fight, he eventually regains it with a seond chance.

Wes finds them a place to live, an abandoned clock tower owned by his father, and eventually he moves in with them. They grow closer and form friendships, and he begins to have feelings for Jen. they both struggle to tell each other throughout the series, and are close a few times.

Then Alex returns and takes the morpher from Wes, forcing him to take over his father's company when Mr. Collins is injured. Alex tells Wes that his father will die, and he must fulfill his destiny. He does so, but not willingly. Eventually he decides to make his own destiny, and returns to help the rangers. Alex gives him the morpher back, after seeing that the rangers responded better to his leadership, and he returns to the future.

With the knowledge that Alex was alive, Wes tried to keep his feelings for Jen a secret, telling her how good a couple she made with Alex and how he really was a good guy. He was blind to the fact that Jen's feelings had changed.

When Alex calls from the future and tells them that they will all die in the next attack, and they must return to the future, the four Time Force officers refuse. Wes decides he has to find a way to get them to go, he couldn't let them die. So he tricks them ino leaving. Jen tries to tell him how she feels about him, but he interrupts her, telling her everything she'd ever wanted was in the future. The timeship departs, and Wes continues the fight alone.

Luckily the other rangers show up in time to save him and help him defeat the enemy. Ransik surrenders, and they are victorious. Everyone is well at the end, but Wes must say good-bye to his four friends from the future. He has sorrowful farewells with the three, then goes to Jen. She tells him first, in tears, that she loves him, and he replies with the words legendary to all PR lovers:

I love you too. I wish I could live another thousand years so we could be together again.

And then she is gone. Wes is given leadership of the Silver Guardians and takes Eric as his partner, and they start anew.

He returns in Wild Force for three episodes, and Jen and the others for two. Jen decides to take matters into her own hands and come back to him, to stay.

Wes seems a different person than he had been, but he's been through a lot to change him. He has gone from just the spoiled rich kid, to a man of deep meaning and nobility. He's kept his boyish charm and good humor, but Wesley Collins is now a man of honor and integrity, something he gained from his times as a ranger, and the trials and sorrows that came upon his young life so suddenly.
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Wesley Collins
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