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 Lucas Kendall

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Melinda Halliwell

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Lucas Kendall   Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:37 pm

Almost-19-year-old Lucas Kendall is a calm, cool and collected individual, who likes to remain aloof and apathetic. He doesn't get very involved in things and trys to pretend he's unattached and doesn't care. At first it seems the truth, that he is a very distant, almost cold person.

He says little in the first few episodes, and doesn't have much of a role. But a few episodes centering on him give us a glimpse into the real Lucas.

Lucas was a champion racecar driver in the year 3000, only losing to one other driver. He loves fast cars and is an excellant driver. He's quite the ladies man, able to win them over with just a smile and a quick phrase. He enjoys being so cute and popular, and uses it to the full extent. He's very confident, outwardly, and never doubts his abilities or anything about himself. He is also very vain, and spends most of his time looking in mirrors and fixing his hair.

But although Lucas always acts confident and cool, it always seems a cover up. This was confirmed in a way when Trip tells them all that Eric is lonely, and only acts the way he does because of it. Trip then turns to Lucas and says, "kinda like how you act cool." Lucas denies it, saying he is cool, and everyone laughs it off. It's never really brought up, but the fact remains.

Lucas shows a soft side when a young girl hires him to be her "bodyguard" and he must protect her from Ransik's mutant. At first he thinks of her as nothing but a pain, but as the episode progresses he becomes attached, and he seems sad to see her go when she is safe again. The others catch his slip in control, and have a good time railing him about it, but he tries to deny it once again.

Lucas and Wes form a close friendship, and they are often seen together, whether playing chess or poker, or arm-wrestling. Lucas is nearly in tears when they say good-bye, and he and Wes share a close embrace.

He returns in Wild Force's two episodes, and hasn't changed much. He doesn't play a major part in the story, but he seems the same calm and quiet boy he was before. The one change comes at the end, when he and Nadira walk off hand in hand. . .
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Lucas Kendall
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