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 Shane Clarke

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Melinda Halliwell

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Shane Clarke   Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:40 pm

Shane Clarke was twenty-one years old when he became the red ninja ranger. He'd been attending the Wind Ninja Academy for years with Dustin and Tori, but all of them were struggling, on the brink of expulsion, when the academy was destroyed by Lothor. All the students were kidnapped and their sensei transformed into a guinea pig, and the responsibilities left were given to the remaining three.

Shane struggled with his new position in the beginning, he took it upon himself to make their mission a success and came down hard on the other two when they weren't doing it his way. Shane took his role as red ranger, and power ranger altogether, very seriously, and didn't like it being taken lightly, which caused some problems between he and Dustin sometimes as well.

Shane's civilian self is a contrast to his serious attitude as a ranger. In his regular life he's a carefree and almost goofy person. He spends nearly all his time skateboarding, which before being a ranger he devoted his life to.

When the thunder rangers showed up, it was Shane who was the most suspicious of the brothers, who saw in them what the other two couldn't. He didn't let himself get close to either so when they discovered their identities, it affected him the least. Shane wasn't much phased by having to fight them.

However, when it came to fighting beside them, things weren't so easy. Shane and Hunter became rivals before they got the chance to become friends. He began to compete against Hunter in every situation - sporting events or when to make the call to morph. It was Hunter who finally realized he had to step down. But Shane learned, as they all did, and he became a good leader. He cared deeply for his team and never let anyone get to them, sometimes distrustful but always with the good of his friends in mind.
When their fight with Lothor was over, Shane became a teacher at the Wind Ninja Academy, after only a year since nearly being thrown out. He'd lost his powers, but continued the fight against evil in the ways he could.
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Shane Clarke
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